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Bianca's Online Birthday

This story takes place in the pandemic time... There was a little girl named Bianca, her mother was working as a Technology engineer and her dad was working as an Artist. Their normal and simple life went on. Then one day Bianca’s birthday was the next morning! That day she fell asleep soon enough before her mother called to remind her to sleep at 9:00. She did not hear a single sound that would wake her up from her deep sleep.

The next day she woke up to the sound of her alarm. She lazily sat up on her bed and then after a few seconds realizing that it was her birthday! Instead of lazily making her bed and going to the bathroom, she sprinted off her bed and neatly made up her bed and went to the bathroom. She brushed neatly for a whole minute, taking a shower, getting dressed and going downstairs.

Her mom walking into the kitchen noticed her all neatly dressed up. Her mom said “Wow, someone remembered their special day and got dressed up neatly!” Bianca smiled and her mother gave her a hug. Then Bianca said “Are you and dad going to work today?” Her mother said “No, we are staying for our little girl today” Bianca smiled and said “Yaay!” Then she ate breakfast and then said to her mother “Can I invite my friends Mom?” Then her mom said “I am so sorry dear, there is a virus which is spreading across the world, we can’t invite your friends this year please understand” she said in a sorrowful voice.

Then Bianca told her mom “We will fight the virus and they can come to my house” Then she went to the window near her and saw and said “There is no virus mom see, there is nothing here” Her mom smiled and said “Bianca we can’t see the virus with our eyes, it is in the air and if we can’t see it, then how will we fight it?” Bianca’s “WE CAN DO IT” attitude lowered and her smile turned upside down.Then after a few seconds she said “Mom, will it be a birthday party without my friends and our relatives?”

Her mom said “I know dear but if they come they will get sick and it will spread to us and we all will also get sick” Then after a few minutes her dad came and said “Be happy we will get you presents and your friends will also send the presents to us also!” But then her mom said “I have a wonderful idea,Bianca, you can video chat with them and see their faces!” Bianca started to brighten up and her mom said that she can call on video chat on her moms computer!

She was so happy and relieved.Her mom and dad were also happy to see her happy! Then she Video chatted with her friends, her aunt and uncles, her grandpa and her grandma. She was so happy then the day went on and every day she would video chat with her friends and family!

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