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Covid 19

Hi this is my Laptop. I use or can I say we use. Ok,I will say, We are forced to use laptops everyday because of this Covid 19. If we are without the laptop, it will definitely be very difficult.

Also I do a lot of video editing for my friends birthday and my parents birthday. I also do a lot of cool slides and make a lot of stories in google drive. Actually speaking of google drive, I store all my slides and presentations in my google drive.

To attend school and classes, we need the laptop. It is being the most important object in our lifetime because of this pandemic. I also play games and I also do homework, meet my friends through google meet and watch youtube kids in my free time.

And listening to songs on youtube kids. It is a lot of fun being with the laptop. I also need to tell you one thing which is you need a powerful laptop to do all this cool stuff!

But don't just stay with laptop, read, play indoors , meet with friends in google meet and play!

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