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Don't Procrastinate

One day I was arguing with Akshitha, my elder sister. Mom told Akshitha to do her homework. Akshitha groaned and said OK. She went to her room and I followed her. There she murmured saying, I will do my homework after playing this game.

I overheard that and I said “No Akshitha you do the homework then play a game’ She said “No and who are you to tell me” “I am telling you because you will be free after that. If you play games, you will be more lazy” “ Do you want that to happen?”

“How do you know I will be lazy as if you know what will happen” “I know that because that happened to me once” “That's why I am telling you now please do your homework then play the game. Do you want to be scolded by mom?

You will tell me will do it tomorrow, then you will have so much pending work to do. Then your friends would have finished it. Only you wouldn't have, listen to my advice, please do it” “ Why should I trust you.

“You just trust me because I am your sister I will never lie to you, please trust me” “but I am your elder sister so I would know better than you” “ok I'll give you an example. My teacher didn't know the meaning of a word but I told her the meaning of it. So everybody can be right, even though they are young or old” “Ok fine I will do it”.

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