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Dora the Explorer (My Version)

“Music” Hi I am Dora. I have little twins and their names are Johnny And Lissy. Jhonny is the Boy and Lissy is the girl and my mom says that we have to buy dresses for

Diwali! And I have to purchase with the twins I surely need Boots. Boots! Boots! Where are you! Hi, I am here Dora. What help do you need? This month it is Diwali. What is Diwali Dora? I think you guys also don’t know what is Diwali, Don’t worry I will tell you what is Diwali. Diwali is a festival of light so at night we wear nice clothes and light up the lamps and celebrate. That is my most favorite holiday and festival! It is good over evil.

There are stories about how Diwali came. I am going to tell the south indian reason and that is about Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna won over (killed) Narakasura. That is why we say good over evil festive. Oh ok now I got it said boots. Now where are the maps? Maps Maps! Hi Dora I am going to tell you the way, so it is way over there you have to pass the golden tree and the giggling river and you will get to the shop! Oh thanks, maps.

Now we have to pass through the golden tree. They swang like monkeys in the golden tree. Then they came to the giggling river where there was a boat so they took it and went. When the river giggled they all pushed back and forth until they finally reached the land they also found a way to the shop and they selected for half an hour. Then they got home safely with the twins' powers. They floated and came.

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