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Emma meets a Kid

Emma the Eraser

It all started on one sunny morning, The sun shone brightly in to the pouch of Kaily Where I was there,

Hi I am Emma the eraser! I had the job of rubbing my face on the paper! Since I am the eraser!

So let me get to the point: That sunny morning I was in school with Kaily, the owner of me. It was totally different today,

Because she rubbed my face on the paper a thousand times! OH, that was a disaster!

until it was recess.

She put me into the pouch and left. I sat cleaning my face and thinking what to do for my face. I sat peacefully on the pencil and one idea struck my mind. Aaha, I said with a clap and when recess was finally over, the substitute period came. She opened her pouch and was Surprised it was a substitute period!

She left her pouch and sat there and read a book.When I quickly jumped she startled the whole table but I did not fall. I was standing in front of, she was scared and nervous.

I had no time so I quickly said “Please rub my face on the paper gently, you are angry do not show that anger on me and the paper, we are not at all happy” and she was made amazed to see a eraser talk to her,so I was also frightened I quickly jumped into the pouch again

. The next day I thought she understood what I said because she was not at all angry at me and the paper! so I happily went on with the day!

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