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Find Yourself!

Part 3

She was really enjoying herself. Anushka got really excited when it functioned! Suddenly, she saw a light coming behind her, it was very bright, she went closer to it and she saw a door that looked very strange and looked very different from the first door.

She opened it and she ended up in a hospital. The doctors were roaming here and there, the nurses were carrying medicines and walking back and forth helping the doctor.

She took little steps and went forward. She saw little kids who were playing and waiting for their turn to come.

She slowly opened the door where the doctors were treating the children, she slowly entered and saw the doctor curing a hurt in a child’s leg. The doctor put the ointment on and patched the hurt with a cotton and he also wrote medicine gel for curing that hurt and she felt as if something was left out and now it is fulfilled!

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