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Part 7

There was a tune, there was a beat, there was grace in all that they did. There was meaning,there was light, there was all she could ever imagine!She could ever wish for!She cherished and adored the artform, the every step they take, every gesture,every expression!

It is just like a language that they show and not tell. Anushka was really happy and excited, she finally found out what she should take up as her profession. She slowly stepped inside the class, each step she was taking made her feel that she was going to be a great dancer.

Then Anushka walked to the teacher who was taking class for the other senior Akkas. She then asked her if she could join this dance class and that teacher could see Anushka’s hunger to learn dance.

After a few days Anushka started to learn dance. She really loved it and she also had a ton of fun while doing it.

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