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Part 8

After seeing how wonderful, expressive and graceful Anushka is, her teacher was really proud of her !

Slowly moved on to advanced levels and she practiced harder than ever, then her teacher said it is time for your Salangai Poojai. Anushka was amazed !!

It was time for her performance, she was very excited, she got prepared and got ready, she also saw how the other senior akkas got ready before itself, so she also had a guide which is the senior akkas.

Now she was in the side stage waiting to enter.She was ready, confident and a teensy weensy bit nervous.Oh who am I kidding?

She was a lot nervous, but also excited!It was time to enter!When she entered it was filled with audience,there were over 100+. Her heart pounded and pounded as she danced gracefully with full of expressions and emotions, the eye movements and the head movements and everything went on so well!

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