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Hi, the great scientist Sheela is zooming in. So I thought I could stop gravity and make us all float. I know you will be happy if I do that.

I also thought the same thing but I will tell you what happened, I came rushing to my lab excitedly starting a potion, I was so eager to see what happened.

Then a few days later I invented it and went straight to my testing lab and tested it out. I also brought my laptop and books so I won’t get bored.

The second after I spilled small droplets of the potion on the floor. I started to float slowly. After a few hours I couldn't take it. It was so exhausting so I spilled the Gravity potion then I was like, “oh I am not going to touch this potion”.

I kept it locked up in a cage safely hidden. This was my last experiment and I hate that potion. So do not make the same mistake pls.

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