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If Were a . . .

I was relaxing on the sofa and watching a series called “Mystery city”. It is a series about mysteries and magic. When I was half way through the episode my mom shouted from the kitchen saying “Enough watching TV do your homework and help me do my chores please” I groaned and said “I will go if you say” “Good girl” said my mom.

I went slouching in my room. I was thinking, it would be great If I was reborn as an animal, not a tiger,... not a bird,... a cute little sparrow! That would be nice. I could be wandering off and flying across the sky. Also I don’t need to help my mom to do her chores or do homework or do anything.

It would be the most enjoyable life. It could be an adventure that I could go on or sing with my beautiful and cute voice. I always wanted to fly like a bird around and go on exploring.

“If I could do such things I would be the happiest human, no, sorry I would be the happiest BIRD on earth

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