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ONCE UPON A time, a girl called Meena. She was studying +2 and had a dog named Cali.

Her friends names are Gabe, Rachel, and Mike. They are in the same class.

One day she thought of going on a vacation but she can’t because she has her exam! next day she did not attend the school and she said to her mother that they are going on a field trip to the museum.

She was lying to her mother! She ran to the airport and found a flight and sat on it. She was to going Florida. Gabe, Rachel, Mike was also thinking of going on vacation to Florida when they saw each other and screamed “What you are here? “ Then Gabe, Rachel, Mike, Meena along with Cali have landed.

Everyone came to Florida, they took a cab and they reached a hotel to stay and they found another hotel where they will eat because in that house there was nothing that they want to eat so every day they will go to eat from the Shodies Hotel and come every morning, afternoon, evening and night to eat.

They will eat noodles Pasta, French fries. When they were eating, suddenly Gabe shouted “Aah ahaa aah” “What happened to you Gabe?” Said Mike. Gabe “French fries are too hot don’t eat it guys.” Everybody laughed together.

Then they went and took a nap. Then they ate lunch then they watched a movie it was scary so they begin to watch another movie you know what it was a children’s movie it was so boring for them so they couldn’t watch any movie so they were watching a series that was a small series they were bored.

At last Mike remembered he had cards in his suitcase then Mike surprised everyone from evening till night they were playing only cards. Then they went to the Shodies hotel ate and came to the hotel and saw that everything was gone in every homestay there were nothing like what they have bought from their home!

Gabe, Rachel, Meena, Mike were looking like a detective they also want get their things of course right,they left, they searched and searched and they walked out of the hotel and been searching for 4 hours they were tired and they decided to wake up in the early in the morning they couldn’t open their eyes!

But they tried to open their eyes then they went out and they were walking walking and they saw a big cake they were amused they ate and ate and ate but it was too late if you eat it you will fall asleep for 1hour then they woke up finally.

It was afternoon and they were very hungry so they went to the Shodies hotel and ate next morning they saw the same big cake and the cake spoke, yesterday it was asleep but it didn’t know that they ate it Meena, Rachel, Gabe, and Mike said to that cake we are sorry that we ate you, the cake said what you didn’t do that right!

They did not want to get captured by that cake so they said yeah we were only joking hahahahah, oh I thought that was true they said bye to that cake then they begin to walk and walk until they saw a herd of tigers, luckily they saw a helicopter.

Gabe knows how to fly helicopter because he plays a game called helicopter race so they flew from the ground and Rachel told that I want to get home I want to be watching TV!

Meena said we can make a TV? Rachel, Mike and Gabe shouted: what! How can we make TV? We can make it out of wood right what is your favorite channel? My favorite....nikjouniur what! you are watching that! Really huh okay let’s make 4 TV, after 2 hours!

They were so tired they also built a chair they were very ashamed because they have cut the tree to make it right and they bought the snacks they plucked an apple, banana, pineapple, blackberry and Raspberry they slept for some time then they begin to search they saw a big cobra thank god it was asleep they swung like monkeys.

Gabe shouted: oo aa, be quiet said Meena the cobra will wake up. They reached the ground and there was the cave there were machine, the machines were breaking the things then only they noticed that they were stealing and breaking thing.

Then came their things in a load they came in they were standing in front of the load the workers there were only looking at them then the boss came in and saw them standing as soon as he looked he knows that they steal from them.

Only the guards caught their hands, the boss name is Mr. David ( evil music). David said that you have to get that jewel that is what you can’t right they were locked in a room Gabe picked a sleeping potion from the guard.

One day the a guard was very thirsty when someone is thirsty they will forget every thing ,they want the water first so Gabe gave the sleeping potion to that gaurd so they reached the key and got out but they hid behind the machines.

Meena and Rachel were hiding behind the tables and chairs of the boss, the room was empty so they sneaked in the room then they searched if there are guns there was guns they took the guns, so they will search for the guns.

Meena and Rachel will not shoot at last, David came and looked there was no guns suddenly the building was shaking David thought that was a earthquake.

Meena , Rachel, Gabe and Mike stole the jewel Meena and Rachel stole the key to the room which had the jewel and Mike and Gabe were drinking the juice relaxed.

Then they got out and they passed the big cake and they came to the hotel they came and saw there things were there they have defeated the David.

Then they went to the airport and they went back to their homes they said sorry to their mom and dad One day when they were in school David came as a man and David said to them I will not do this again and they became friends!

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