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Mice aren't That Bad

Mice aren’t that bad, you know. And I am speaking for it. When I was younger, I had a tiny mouse in the basement.My father and I go everyday to the basement and give the mouse food. When I look at it the way it eats, I will burst into laughter.

Also in the evening, we check if it is safe and it is ready to go for a ride with us in the cycle. After that breezy ride we play hopscotch.

Then we go straight to bed because of this tiring day. Every day morning at 6:30 actually midnight for us it will be so for us, it will wake us with a little bite

I will wake up in a giff and do everything early and then we have a lot of time to play!

It is a lot of fun being with this mouse. Then years passed and it was lost. One day, I saw this same mouse. I know what you might think, How did she find out this same mouse? I know it because my father also wondered about it.

I identified it because it had a red scar on its leg so I immediately picked it up and gave it a hug

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