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Princess Nina's Routine

Princess Nina woke up to the sound of the good ol' rooster. She got up the second it cocodoodeld and went straight to the bathroom she brushed energetically and bathed energetically. She came out of her bathroom and dressed up nicely and put on makeup.

She came all the way down to the dining room where the cook served the most delicious breakfast and today was Banana with caramel and chocolate sandwich. She quickly ate that and sat on the throne waiting for her school bus to arrive.

She waited and waited and finally when it arrived she jumped up with joy and said bye to her father and mother which is the King and the Queen.

She went to school and assembled with her friends Catherine and Lamy. Finally the teacher stepped into class. Her name was Sammy. For short, they called her miss Sam. Their first subject today is math! So fun! Then a few other periods. Then the bell rang, it was lunch time!

Nina, Catherine and Lamy ate together. Then all the periods to follow Nina came to her home and did homework! And she ate dinner and slept at 9:00

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