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Stories with Facts

One day there was a girl named Malala.She was in 12th grade.She always wanted a dog, so that morning she went to adopt a pet. When she was going through all the dogs, she suddenly gasped “huh”. She found “her” small dog.

It was a cute and fluffy dog. Its breed was Shetland Sheepdog or called Sheltie.It is a small working dog developed as a herd dog for small sheeps in Shetland islands.

Shetland Sheepdog is noted for its herding ability and affectionate nature.Shelties are highly intelligent and excel at agility and other competitive activities.So this is the kind of dog she adopted and that is a good choice that she adopted this dog.

So guys you learned these many things keep this in mind and you know I always wanted this dog .But we don’t have much space to keep a dog with us.

Oh also do come back to me to learn more things. For now we will call it a day and say goodbye “goodbye!”

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