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The Bees’ Big Help

Once there was a kid he loved bees. His name is David, he was in 3rd grade. One day he saw crows disturbing the beehive so he ran and shooed the crows away and the bees thanked David and David went home happily. Then he met the bees and talked to them everyday and then he grew up. When he was 16 yrs old, he wanted to go to a Wizard Training.

They only allowed the age group from 20 yrs - 30 yrs but he couldn’t go so he went to his room and was murmuring to himself. That time the bees overheard him murmuring. The next day he brushed his teeth and took a shower, ate breakfast and he came out. Suddenly the bees all gathered themselves like a beard on him.

He looked like a man now. Then a bee came and whispered a plan to his ear and the bees were wearing a brown jacket so it looked like a beard color. He wore high heels and went to the wizard training. Every day the bees would gather on him. Finally David completed the Wizard Training and reached his home learning all the tricks.

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