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The Great Detective

Hello everyone I am Sophia the great detective. I will tell you how I solved a mystery. The mystery was the missing pencil box. One day I heard my neighbor's daughter screaming MY PENCIL BOX IS MISSING!!!! Her name is Ava

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my ear is gone!Why are you screaming like this?

Sorry I got a little dramatic said Ava

not a little, very much dramatic, I say

Ehhhhhh (sheepishly laughing)

I went there and I bravely told them that I am Sophia, the great detective who can solve this case. Everyone smiled at me and I was confident that I would find the culprit.

I went to the mystery. I saw some mud on the table. my neighbor’s daughter's pencil box was kept. so I found out that the culprit would have splashed herself into mud and tried to snatch the pencil box.

and there was red paint all over the table. It was paint and then I found out who the culprit was, my aunt. her hand was always painted red and a tattoo on her finger and I found the culprit!

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