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The Lucky Flower🌺

“Oh I love hot cocoa in the winter season” said Akira

Oh I will tell who she is, in a far, far away jungle there lived a little tiger cub named, Akira she also lived with her friend cheetah cub named Leela.

They two were inseparable and they do things together only. Well you see right now they are drinking hot cocoa in the same cup. Oh these two never listen, We have enough intro for them.

Let me get to the point I will tell you about their head minister the Ostrich named Wilfred. Well… to say about him… he likes to race.

So one nice Winter day, he announced a race for all the youngsters in the jungle. These two Chatter Boxes went rushing to sign up area, when these two go in it will be a Madhouse. The next day the race was about to begin. Akira got little nervous about the race. So Leela gave her lucky flower to Akira so she could win.

Akira was a little nervous, then the race began, Akira started off with a great start and then …and then…and then she WON! Leela felt so great for Akira.

Akira said “Thank you so much for your lucky flower Leela!”

“No, the lucky flower did not help you! Your belief helped you”

“There is no such thing as a lucky flower!” said Leela

“Oh thank you for letting me believe myself Leela!”

“No problem Akira”

Then they two were best friends till when they got old!

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