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The Missing Necklace

In a city called Mylapore, there is a girl named Kalyani.

She was studying 10th grade. She could dance and she perform too.

She was getting ready for her school, when she was entering the gate she saw an advertisement next to the school it was saying “Ibaco Ice cream shop opened now.”

She was so excited, after her school suddenly her friend Maheshwari came running to her Kalyani asked

” Why are you running?”

“Kalyani, (panting) my necklace is missing”

Kalyani said ”Whaaaaat !! you were wearing it on your neck!!”

“Yes but I don't know where it is now!”

“Wait, cool down we will go to IBACO Ice cream shop”

“Ok Kalyani but can you help me find it?”

“Of course Maheshwari”.

Kalyani was almost finished with her ice cream. Then she saw a necklace and she took it and gave it to Maheshwari and said “I don't know how it came here Maheshwari, do not complain to the shopkeeper, it will become a problem. Silently take it and wash it.”

“Okay Kalyani”.

Then they paid and left to their home

“Bye Maheshwari”

"Hey Kalyani wait I have a doubt, How did my necklace actually end up in Ibaco??"

"The shopkeeper must have stolen it."

"What are we going to do about this?"

"Let's complain it to our teachers and parents."

"That's a good idea Kalyani!"

"Ok meet see you tomorrow."

“Bye Kalyani”.

“Bye Maheshwari”

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