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The Monster

I may be a monster but that doesn’t mean I actually eat people. You see I am a vegetarian so that makes me a half human like and half monster like. I incidentally met a human who didn’t get scared of me or run away, you know she is a biologist.

I always wanted to be a biologist and to be a part of the human world. There are laptops and all right? She was studying about me, a monster. I am the only monster existing. So she came over to me and asked Hi, monster, how are you doing.

I was surprised, I said Hi, I am doing fine, Someone was calling her so she ran away. I sighed and was imagining if I also could be friends with someone. I am always lonely. I eat lonely, I sleep lonely, I play lonely.

I want friends. I request humans or anyone not to feel scared I am not going to eat you. I just can say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” Bye now and thanks for your time!

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