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The Plant

There is a big plant which is dangerous and they have to destroy it

Isha and Samir are having a conversation.

“I feel my elder brother is going to catch that plant maybe.”

“Why do you think that way, Isha.”

“Because he is studying that plant day and night.” “Haaa!! Am very tired, let’s all go to sleep.

Isha,Amrutha, Samir, Karan, Mira and Ambi went to sleep.

In the beautiful aurora, Isha’s brother Ishaan tip-toed and walked out of the house. He wanted to destroy the plant.

He packed his tools and opened the cage and he slowly got near to that plant. Luckily the plant was facing the backside when Ishaan opened the cage. He picked up his axe and chuk, he chopped off the plant.

In that sound, everyone woke up.

They all came rushing outside the house to see what happened?

Isha started screaming and asked “Ishaan, what did you do?

Ishaan had a lucid explanation for his actions.

The euphoria of destruction of the plant was seen in everybody's face.

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