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The Puppy

One day I was relaxing on my sofa and watching TV. I thought I could get some candy and chocolates and watch TV again. I dreamt how nice it could be and I thought for a few seconds and then I decided to go to the Supermarket, but it was raining.

I said “who is stopping us? let us go with the umbrella no biggie”.So I went with the umbrella above my head. There will be a big lake when I cross by a restaurant.

So in that lake I heard a crying voice and looked in it and there was a cute little puppy and it was almost to drown. I hurried and took my umbrella and scooped out the puppy with the help of my umbrella.

I got shelter to it and I gave it a name as Max so that it belonged to me. It grew with me and it licked me all the time. When I was doing the homework it sat beside me. I loved the puppy!

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