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The Rich & The Poor

One day in a beautiful village there was a girl called Rani. She was poor and studied in a good school. I know what you are wondering, she is poor and in a good school?

I will tell you what happened, her school was demanding too much money for the fee so her parents spent so much money year by year. Then all the money were gone.

One day Rani went to school and saw that her pencil broke, that's when a new student named Radha entered the class.

Then Radha settled down beside Rani! The class was about to begin.

She spoke to Radha and said

“Hi Radha I am Rani Where do you live”

“Hi Rani, I was living in Florida, I came to Chennai because of this school and You?”.

“I live in a village which is small and beautiful”

“Oh, wow, I would love to come”.

And then the conversation went on and on. Finally Rani asked for a favor.

“Hey Radha, my pencil broke, can I borrow one of yours? My parents couldn't afford one?

“No problem Rani, I have tonnes of pencils at home, you can have this pencil as my gift.”

“Thank you so much Radha for your help.”

Rani and Radha were friends forever!

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