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The Twins

Meena, could you tell another story? The old stories are boring. Ok then. There was a turtle and a hare. The turtle was walking and the hare came and told that “ Can we have a race between you and me?”

The turtle thought for a moment and then said “Okay” the hare ran and told all the animals in the jungle. You know the same old story? I am going to put some masala on it. Want to hear it? Sure!!

Ok, the animals all gathered and the tortoise came and the hare too.The race began and the hare went as fast as he could. The tortoise was slllloooowwwwwww!! The hare reached the finish line but the tortoise was standing there!

He twitched his eyes and looked again at the tortoise standing there. Then the trophy was given to the tortoise you know how? The other tortoise had a twin brother!


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