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Vetri the Velvet Poochi

“Hi I am Vetri the velvet poochi. As my name suits me, I always end up in victory.

I am the mighty conqueror of this farm. I am always brave and fear none.

However, I have enemies too, do you know who they are?

The swift and hungry ants. So one day, I stood up and decided to capture them and put them in my secret mud hideouts.

After I win any war, I would announce “Muahahaha I am the undisputed king of this farm”.

One day I felt fear because I was captured and was away from my home and I became really sad and then I immediately realized about the ants that I captured.

So I walked up to them and set them free and apologized saying “Let's share this farm peacefully”

We all rejoiced happily! And no one does any mischievous things in this farm when Vetri the velvet poochi is here to protect!

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